U Shaped Kitchen

Compact Yet funĀ 

A beautiful combination of white and blue appropriately optimises space and height, while the cheerful blue pops out and adds just the right amount of fun. The design is complete with a matching gola profile and skirting in matt-painted finish.

Combination of PU and Laminate Colours

A vibrant colour profile of white and blue renders an unmistakably modern look to this design. Bringing together PU and laminate, this design embodies a neat-looking yet exciting kitchen.

Optimised Design for Proper Space Management

An ideal fit for small modern-day homes, this design is a testament to space management and optimisation with myriad features that ensure every inch of space is used for a productive purpose.

Matching Gola Profile

Facilitating the opening of doors without a handle, the gola profile in this design is especially colour-matched with the overall design to make it a smartly hidden yet extremely important feature.