A Collage of Visuals

Lacquer doors and a beautiful handle subtly enhance this refreshing design that brings together enclosed and open spaces to create a picturesque montage.

Lacquer Doors with a Beautiful Handle

Lustrous and vivid, this glossy lacquer wardrobe can enliven dull spaces through its playful energy. Adding a distinct visual tone, the striking handles of the door break the monotony and enhance the appeal of this wardrobe.

Refreshing Design

This unique wardrobe is exceptional because of its unconventional and eye-catching design. The masterful use of closed and open spaces creates a visually exciting contrast in volume and form.

A Collage of Enclosed and Open Spaces

Patches of colour peeking through the lacquer create a vibrant streak in an otherwise uniform composition. The enclosed spaces and alternating niches carved into this wardrobe form a visual collage.