Contemporary Marvel

Providing relaxation with optimum style, this bed combines an exclusive PVC membrane finish and a padded headboard to create instant impact. With side tables and a dresser that are built to withstand daily demands, this bed accentuates the natural wood grain creating a focal point in any modern bedroom.

PVC Membrane Finish

Enveloped in warm wooden shades, this aesthetically pleasing bedstead uses a stunning PVC membrane finish that accentuates the hue and texture of the natural wood grain.

Upholstered Headboard with Lights

Designed for optimum support, the soft upholstered headboard outlined by the bed base creates a perfect harmony with the robust bedstead. Highlighting the opulence of this bed, the headboard has in-built lights as an added feature. Becoming the focal point of any bedroom, this bed is masterful in design and ergonomic in use.

Stylish and Contemporary Design

Merging the textures of PVC and upholstery, luxurious warmth and comfort are the feelings this modern bed is designed to invoke. Ideal for unwinding, this sprawling piece of furniture is where sweet dreams are made. Providing abundant storage space and stunning handleless side tables, this bed base is sure to perfectly adorn any bedroom.