Open Kitchen

Form, function and praises

A completely handleless kitchen including a beautiful island with open storage units, similar skirting in matt painted finish and harmonised colours and textures, replete with a suitable breakfast table and tall anthracite acrylic covered units.

Tall Anthracite
Finished Units

Spaciousness is the name of the game with this design that comes complete with towering units that are finished with glossy acrylic. The stately anthracite color is an element that is sure to linger long in the memory.

Handleless Kitchen

Form effortlessly transitions into function as this handless design solves a dual purpose – give a sleek and well edited look whilst providing for superior operational comfort.

Island with Open
Storage Unit

Taking the already elegant island kitchen concept a notch higher, this design comes with a beautiful open storage unit that is doused in a superb combination of colours and textures.