L Shaped Kitchen

Ambient lighting meets function

Veneers with flow-of-grain patterns grace this kitchen to create an elegant yet comfortable feel. With atmospheric lighting that highlights the exclusive profile glass shutters, scratch-resistant acrylic base units, matching matt-finish skirting, a breakfast table and wall unit, you’re sure to keep coming back.

Combination of
Natural Veneer and Scratch Resistant Acrylic

The superb dichotomy of natural veneer and scratch resistant acrylic makes this design stand out from the rest. An excellent combination, veneer and acrylic are the perfect amalgamation of classic and contemporary.

Exclusive Profile Glass

This timeless design raises the often-forgotten profile glass shutter from merely a shelf cover to a design element that is sure to catch the eye.

Open Profile Shelves with Built-in Lights

Accompanying the main shelves is an extremely well thought out array of open profile shelves with in-built lights that add oodles of zing to the design.