Functionally Smart

Comprising of PVC and PU designer doors with inbuilt handles in a three-door overlay sliding system, this feature rich design is created to be functionally smart.

Three-door Overlay European Sliding Fittings

This beautiful wardrobe operates using the superior quality European overlay sliding system. The wardrobe front comprises of three exclusively designed doors overlaid to slide with ease for smooth operation.

Exclusive Designer Door and Inbuilt Handle

With a natural wood facade, these designer doors provide the wardrobe a homely feel with a lavish appeal. Complementing the wooden finish are inbuilt handles in a contrasting tone that provide a design highlight along with smart functionality.

Combination of PVC and PU

Sturdy and bountiful, this wardrobe integrates PVC and PU to provide it with the stunning veneer-like wooden finish. In addition to the neat exterior, these elements make the wardrobe remarkably resilient and easy to maintain.