Island Stone Kitchen

Earthy and Contemporary

An island in stone finish rises with understated elegance to complement other UV Lacquered kitchen surfaces, accompanied by a glass unit with a hint of stone to highlight your contemporary style.

Island Kitchen

Serving as a focal point of the space, the island kitchen design offers a break from the monotonous wall perched kitchen. Along with a fresh breath of creativity, this design carries way more in terms of utilities such as extra storage and seating space.

UV Lacquered

Coated with lacquer that has been exposed to high capacity UV lights, the surface gets an added layer of protection along with a silky-smooth look. The UV treated lacquer also helps lessen the effect of marks and blemishes caused by regular wear and tear.

Natural Stone

Durable, low maintenance yet luxurious and attractive, the use of natural stone combination renders an earthy yet unmistakably contemporary feel to this design. Praised by experts for its calming qualities, stone is the sure-fire way to feel grounded even in the highest of residences.