Membrane and Mirror

A contrast of finishes brilliantly work together to give this three-door European overlay sliding wardrobe a starkly different look.

A Contrast of Finishes

Amidst the juxtaposition of opacity and reflectivity, this wardrobe blends together membrane and mirror finish in an alternating sequence. A distinct contrast in textures and colours, this wardrobe provides a stimulating and sensational feel with its playful exterior.

Three-door European Overlay Sliding System

Precisely designed, this wardrobe is complete with a sliding three-door overlay system with European fittings for smooth and soft operation.

Stark and Unique Look

Alternating strips of markedly contrasting materials provide this wardrobe with an unparalleled and rare charm: the earthy membrane and placid mirrors create a one-of-a-kind experience for the onlooker.