Sleek and Well Edited

An exclusive designer door finished with matt lacquer tactfully hides a beautiful recessed lacquered handle to create an extremely compact and tasteful design.

Designer Door Finished with Matt Lacquer

Sophisticated and exquisite, this slick and bespoke wardrobe comes with long sturdy doors finished with crisp matt lacquer. It is truly a design that makes a strong statement despite its subtlety.

Beautiful Recessed
Lacquered Handles

Creating a stark geometric contrast, the inbuilt lacquered handles are recessed into the doors. These strategic cut-outs underscore the simple yet stylish design of the wardrobe

Efficient and
Utilitarian Design

Compact and ingenious, the virtue of this wardrobe lies in its sensible, minimalistic design that has been optimised for ergonomic use. This understated form effortlessly translates into enhanced functionality.