Creative and Practical

Consisting of contrasting textures such as matt and gloss that are playfully layered in a four-door Synchro Hettich system, this design strikes an impeccable balance between imagination and function.

Playfully Layered with Matt and Gloss Textures

A sensational style statement, this wardrobe uses geometric matt and gloss layers to create a contrast in texture. Patterned to please the eye, this wardrobe can spruce up any space with its lively design.

Four-door Synchro Hettich system

Inbuilt with four-door Synchro Hettich fittings, this wardrobe enables the synchronous sliding of two opposite doors with a single movement. With an impressive exterior, the design enables advanced handling through creative technology.

Inventive and Efficient

Redefining symmetry, this design is the perfect balance between creativity and technology. This spacious and stylish wardrobe livens up any space with its excellent functionality and brilliant design.