Designer Curved Kitchen

Ultra-modern and ultra-sleek

Bold bronze lacquer and golden laminates effortlessly clothe curved units with painted handles and matching matt painted finish skirting. A touch of bronze and just the right kind of lighting transport you into a whole new design dimension.

Exclusive Bronze Matt Lacquer and Golden Laminates

Layered bronze and gold matt lacquer laminates create a stunningly defined and sophisticated look that carries remarkable depth. Pleasing to the eye and utterly luxurious, this look is one for the ages.

Curved Units with Matt Lacquer Handles

Complementing the stately colour theme are artistically designed curved units that exude design brilliance and expert craftsmanship.

Beautifully Designed Island

With unique in-built lighting that epitomizes opulence, the island design acts as a compact capsule of utility and aesthetic beauty.