Rustic and Refined

Artificial leather tailored to the T with precise stitching and matching edges adorning doors with inbuilt handles and European inline system fittings to present an earthy yet sophisticated look.

Artificial Leather Finish with Precise Stitching and Matching Edges

Aesthetic and durable, the leatherette wrapped around the doors is lush and tailored to precision. Through its colour and texture, the faux leather creates a space of warm earthiness that satiates the senses with its subtlety.

Inbuilt Handles

Practical and ergonomic, the built-in handles save space and lend this piece the feasibility of being placed anywhere in a room. Discretely inset into the doors, the handles are not only functional but also allow the user to experience the texture and feel of the luxurious leatherette.

European Inline Sliding System

Designed using the European inline sliding system, the configuration allows for smooth functionality, perfect gap alignment, balanced movement and absolute precision. Sliding with utmost ease, this technology makes opening and closing a gentle and flowing affair.