First-in-line of our series of events, Ignite was organized in 2015 as a 2-day immersive experience, aimed at boosting and strengthening our relationship with our dealers.

One of the key components of our distribution strategy is our nation-wide network of dealers. Serving as our business partners, numerous dealers have helped us cover a massive stratum of the market and reach out to target audiences across massive geographical distances.

The 2-day event proved to be a platform for dealers to get aware about various features of our upcoming products through factory and display centre visits and a brief training workshop.

The event served to increase dealers’ knowledge about our products and helped cement their trust in the same. Additionally, dealers reported feeling exceedingly confident in recommending Indoline’s products range to their best customers.

At the culmination of the event was a cocktail dinner that served as a relaxed and free space for everyone to network and have a fun time.